Dart or not dart ?

Google released Dart.
I was focusing on coffee when it occurs.

Today i've read the first code example, thought :
  • Dart's blocks are delimted with brackets ({})
  • Instruction is terminated by a semicolon (;)
Most of modern language design avoid thoses symbols who are complicating code and syntax. Look at Python or CoffeeScript :
  • Blocks are delimited using indentation --> this causes the developer to write indented code --> readability
  • Instruction is terminated by EOL character --> this causes the developer to use a single line for an instruction

I wonder why Dart (a newer language, which came more than 20 years after Python) still uses these syntaxic useless rules....

I'll rather use CoffeeScript, which, like Dart, compiles to js, and which, unlike Dart, allows you to use your existing javascript without limitations...

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